It is the exhibition season, and throughout the world, company representatives spend weeks living on suitcases, traveling around the country and see first hand how “corporate” some hotels can be. The exhibits are the original “pop-up store” – a shot of a day or two to show your company and merchandise to an audience that is particularly interested in the sector.

Exhibition is all about capturing public attention

The problem is that you are not the only pop-up shop in the city, and the exhibition center is full of rivals, all competing for attention (and wallets) of the most demanding customers. So how can you make your stand … well, you stand out from the rest? (Sorry, there was no easy way to say that!).

Exhibition Stand design

Exhibition is all about capturing public attention. Once you have done this you can go full speed ahead and entertain them with your sales pitch to woo with gifts or dazzle with technology.

But the companion exhibition in the water getting sharks revolve around your stand instead of your competitors is visual – how to support your appearance will be the key factor in the development of the crowds.

Successful exhibition stand

The reason that most stands have only a mediocre level of success in an exhibition is to focus only on bombarding visitors with information. While this large, it is necessary to think about the logistics of the situation.

Your visitor will spend an average of 30 seconds to three minutes to be in front of wandering. This attention span “red fish” is typical of the average exposure of visitors, so you have to give them a reason to shoot up to the limit of three minutes, instead of being distracted after 30 seconds for this great glossy paper follows being aisle four. The goal with a good design of the exhibition is to make your big stand, standing shining everyone gravitates toward.